Innovation through thought.

Ideas from the bank, delivered to you!

Bank BUG was launched March 2013 and has seen a steady growth since entering a very competitive fishing market. With so many great companies producing brilliant products, at the time it was hard to find exactly where Bank BUG could fit into the industry. We've come a long way since our initial launch, some of our innovative ideas have certainly put us firmly on the map.

Bank BUG has released many quality products since fruition including the one of the fastest selling carp products ever, the Rock Steady Back Rest System V1. Fast forward and the V2 is now the improved version making all the headlines. With over 25,000 V2 units now sold, it's no wonder the RSBRS V2 is fast becoming the 'industry standard' carp fishing back rest.

With a selection of new products on the horizon, we will continue to build the Bank BUG brand and be recognised as a company you can trust.