Baiting up with large quantities of bait is an integral part of modern day angling. There are many baiting tools on the market, but one has stood the test of time and is still today, the number one bait application device. Head to any big fish venue in the UK or Europe and you will be hard pushed not to find one. The Bank BUG/Baitcraft team are all avid users of this device and over years of use, scooop has evolved.

In 2015 after returning from a team social using large amounts of bait, we put pen to paper to develop a spoon type product. This was designed for use in conjunction with our bait dispensers to efficiently speed up baiting with the minimum of mess. When the design was finalised, we invested in CAD drawings and sent them to a government funded university. 3D printed prototypes arrived a few weeks later and scooop was ready for field testing on the bank. Shortly after we received the prints, Bank BUG acquired the company Baitcraft; due to this, unfortunately the development of scooop was put on the back burner

and filed as a future product.


The second real milestone of the scooop journey was in 2017 when Bank BUG/Baitcraft team members attended a charity event at the famous Farlows complex, in support of well-known England Carp Team member Wayne Mansford and family. Scooop caused quite a stir; many of the anglers involved could not understand how we were spombing so quickly, after seeing scooop in action, they couldn’t believe it hadn’t yet reached the market . . . . they all wanted one!


Fast forward a year, scooop will finally be ready to hit the shops early 2019. Bank BUG doesn’t bring out hundreds of products a year, but the ones we do seem to be what we call ‘worldies’, scooop is certainly in that bracket and with the history that goes with it, we believe it will be one of the fastest selling carp products of 2019.


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  • Ergonomic design
  • Eradicates mess and spillages
  • Keeps hands, reel and rod clean
  • Perfect fill every time
  • Up to 75% faster bait application
  • For use with wet and dry spod mixes
  • Brilliant for boilies
  • Round / square bucket friendly
  • Midi and large sizes (large size due spring 2019)
  • Patent / design rights pending


Midi size