The ultimate carp fishing cap! Utalising five of the best, bright white, LED lights on the market, this cap is a 'must have for all anglers'. In the daytime, use as you would any other cap, when night falls; this is when the ADVANCED LED CAP really comes into its own. The high-end white LED lights are seriously bright and will light up a whole swim. Brilliant for all night time tasks including making rigs, playing fish, cooking and anything else that requires light. We've found these caps to be much sturdier than most head torches with a better spread of clear light. With a host of features, the ADVANCED LED CAP can be used all year round.


  • ON / OFF switch on battery housing
  • ON / OFF switch on peak
  • Five high-end white LED lights
  • All wiring hidden
  • Flashing function (press ON / OFF twice (peak))
  • Rip fast velcro rear fastening
  • Full instructions
  • Reactive dyed for stability of colour
  • Bank BUG branding

Advanced LED Cap

Black - One size fits all