Bank BUG is pleased to announce, we are now the official supplier of Baitcraft baits. These include the awesome T-1, Super K

and Snowball flavours. After long discussions with the previous Baitcraft owner, Bank BUG finally sealed the deal to bring Baitcraft back! Christian Cox, Managing Director of Bank BUG commented: ‘Mark has recently moved on to pastures new after producing some of the best baits to ever hit the carp scene. What Mark doesn’t know about bait isn’t worth knowing. When we heard Mark was leaving the bait making industry to concentrate on a new business venture, we begun talks immediately and in October 2015, Bank BUG finally took over the business in its entirety. Ingredient by ingredient, the baits are rolled exactly as Mark did from day one, no corners have been cut and no stone left unturned. Baitcraft boilies have always carried a smell and aroma like no other, it’s our sole intention to continue to bring our customers that ‘wow factor’ when opening a bag of Baitcraft. It doesn’t stop there; we will also be producing matching pop-ups, hard hook baits, wafters, trigger pellets and Cow Cola to compliment the range to original standards. This is a huge step forward for Bank BUG in the bait market; we intend to bring Baitcraft back with a bang. This will once again, allow anglers to fish with bait they have100% confidence in’.

“The Baitcraft range of baits needs no introduction! From the day it was first produced many moons ago, it’s received a massive cult following within the carp fishing fraternity. Baitcraft baits are made under licence,

with what only can be described as the best fish catching ingredients available within the industry. Minimum inclusion rates to achieve licencing standards, ensures optimum quality and cements our commitment to using genuine ingredients within the range. Some say T1 is the best carp bait ever made, if I was asked to name bait in which T1 could be compared against, I couldn’t, it’s simply beyond compare!”

Chris Cox

Bank BUG


T1 is a firm favourite for many of the UK’s top anglers, back with all the original ingredients used from day one. T1 is a true all year round bait which will bank you more carp! Need we say more?


With its distinctive meaty aroma, Super K is formidable when planning a baiting campaign over a long period. Once carp experience the food quality, they will hunt this bait above any other.


Savay Salmon has accounted for some of the most sought after carp in the country. Being one of the most recent baits to be released, it’s already done what it was set out to do. Watch this space for availability details.


Winter wouldn’t be winter without Snowball. Designed specifically for use in cold water temperatures, Snowball offers the anger a ‘serious’ edge in the colder months. Due for re-release August 2016.


Utilising the same proven flavour packages found in our boilie range, they work in harmony with your chosen bait offering a secondary food source.


Bank BUG runs a very strict rolling schedule for all baits ensuring anglers get their bait on-time. We DON'T mass produce bait and deliver off-the-shelf.

All Baitcraft boilie orders are sent POST FREE. Please see the ROLLING SCHEDULE page to ensure you receive your bait in time for your angling arrangements.